gratitude Journal

Yesterday was comedy of errors, but in the end, all worked out and I'm grateful for a lot of it.

1) Thank you kind person who found my iPhone in the Rite Aid parking lot and brought it into the store in belief that I would return. I did.

2) Thank you MobileMe, an extra feature I bought when I purchased it my Mac because I thought it would make it easier to move my info from one laptop to another. I had thought you were a big waste of money. Who knew that "Find your iPhone" GPS feature would become my best friend and I will renew to you next year just for that.

3) Thank you husband for pulling me out of the way of a car backing up in a parking lot. I was 4 inches away from a broken leg or who knows what. I'm sorry I made the angry face at you first because I didn't know what you were doing and I thought you were just yanking me because I was walking slow.

4) Thank you older gentleman stranger for holding the door open for me when I was rushing in and wishing me a Merry Christmas.

5) Thank you to every person I asked "Have you seen my iPhone?" for not telling me "You should take better care of your things."

6) Thank you family for being honest with me and making my new year's resolution that is, "Kelli will take better care of her things."

7) Thank you strangers for putting colorful lights on your homes. When we drove to a local production of the Nutcracker last night, it made our evening.

8) Thank you gray-bearded man at the market for wrapping two bottles of wine in newspaper and saying, "And after you get home, you'll have reading material if you can't sleep."

9) Thank you sweet artists who live your life quietly, volunteering to bring art to a larger world.

10) Thank you Marilyn for adding white lights of peace signs to your Christmas decorations. When I drive off the ferry on the way home, I always see them glowing.


  1. I'm glad it all worked out. Sounds like you had a pretty crazy day! :)

  2. Glad your iPhone was found and that you didn't get hit by a car. Stuff like that can put a damper on the holiday season.


  3. Glad you're well, Kelli! And congrats, January, on your new book (I saw it at Oliver's blog).

  4. whew! i will be thankful that my last few days were not that stressful!

    glad all is well :)

  5. Love this list. I just posted my "anti Christmas letter" on my blog, so this was the perfect anti-dote to my sarcasm. :)


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