Happy New Decade!

I was reading Mary Bid's blog this morning and she wrote:

If you'd asked me on New Year's Eve 1999 (a day that I'm not sure I remember, for some reason) what things I would most definitely not be doing on New Year's Eve 2009, I am sure that the following would be among them:

Her list included a Disney movie and making mashed potatoes.

My list includes a Chipmunk movie and making chocolate cream pie.

I remember my New Year's 1999. My husband (aka the firefighter) was working. I was 2 months pregnant. I had 3 cats and a greyhound. I lived in a blue house on the hill. I wrote poetry. We worried about Y2K.

I remember just as it turned midnight some prankster in our group hit the switch of the fusebox and made all the lights go out. We gasped. 10 seconds later they were back on and it felt all was well in the world.

Now it's ten year's later, my life is that daughter I was pregnant with, the same firefighter husband, 3 cats (only 1 who was around in 1999), a hedgehog, 2 guinea pigs (one named after Sylvia Plath) and a golden retriever named Buddy Holly. I'm still in the same house. I still am writing poetry.

What I wish for you this new decade?

For you to live passionately, following whatever dreams you carry in your paper cup.

For you to find meaning when you think there is none.

For your world to bring you magic and optimism

and for you to have someone, like the photo above, to kiss you hard or hold you when things don't feel so good. May your life continue to be filled with friends and family and experiences that fulfill you.

Go forth into the new decade, grasshopper, mirror beetle, kingfisher
and may it be full of all good things.

Happy 2010!


  1. it is strange when i think back to 1999. i don't really remember a lot of what was going on but i love what you are able to pull up.

    i can't wait for 2010 :)
    or is that knowing i am having chocolate fondue later tainting my drive to get to 2010..hmm

  2. Happy New Year! :)

    Also: my first pet after I moved out from my parents' house and left for undergraduate school was a hamster I named Sylvia.



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