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Happy New Years from My Home...

Happy New Decade under a Blue Moon...

One of my Favorite Photos from 2009

if you're on Whidbey Island in January... Readings!

Resolutions: 2010

Happy New Decade!

Confession Tuesday

If you're in Washington- Support Poetry on January 16th!

Organizing My Life & Writing Life

New Year's Resolution and January Gill O'Neil's new book: UNDERLIFE

sunday word associations

hope you got what you want...

Merry Christmas from our Santa Poet

Merry Christmas Eve

Naughty List

My Christmas Stocking

Because you asked...

free Association

Confession Tuesday

gratitude Journal

Small Town Life

Not About Poetry - But Gratitude and the New Year

Where I am.

More Retreat

My Cottage

confession Tuesday

What I'm Reading: literary mama Reading For the Maternally Inclined

Our Lady of Guadalupe day

6 word new years resolutions

Gratitude Journal

Self Portrait in Window

Confession Tuesday

I'm off!

Sunday Thoughts

Letter Writers of the World...

Suitcase of Books I'm Bringing on my Writing Retreat

Todd Davis' New Book!

Favorite Things

Buy Poetry Books for Christmas and Hostess Gifts

don't lick the mushrooms...

confession Tuesday, I Mean Wednesday

Storybook Mushrooms

confession tuesday

Finding Old Morning Pages, Some Writing Prompts, & How Revision Can Make Things Worse

New Book of Poems & Christmas Resolutions...

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's not Thanksgiving until