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Kristin Berkey-Abbott: Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Kelli Russell Agodon: Book of Kells 

Michael Begnal: B’Fhiú an Braon Fola

Andrea Blythe: Andrea Blythe's blog
Dave Bonta: Via Negativa
Kristy Bowen: Kristy Bowen's Blog
Lynn Burnett: Poems & Ponderings

Angela Carr: Angela Carr's blogGrant Clauser. Uniambic 
Josephine Corcoran: Josephine Corcoran

Risa Denenberg: Risa's Pieces

Renee Emerson : This Quiet Hour

Uma Gowrishankar: My Garden
Sarah Kain Gutowski: Sarah Kain Gutowski

Jeannine Hall Gailey: Webbish6

Anne Higgins: Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky
Erin Coughlin Hollowell: Being Poetry
Veronica Hosking: Veronica Hosking

Ian: Analog Verse 
Crystal Ignatowski: Some Hiatus
Romana Iorga: Clay and Branches

James Lee Jobe: Book of Jobe

Melinda Longtin: inspirwing

Jeremy Mifsud: Poetry by Jeremy 

Amy Miller: Writer's Island
Kevin J. O'Conner: Ordinary Average Thoughts
January Gill O'Neil: Poet Mom

Sagar Pathak: In the Loving Memory of Charles Lamb
Ren Powell: Ren Powell's blog

Susan Rich: The Alchemist's Kitchen

Andrew Robson: Andrew Robson Scribbles

Scot Slaby: Noticing Poetry

Joannie Stangeland: Poe-Query: Questions about poetry, writing, and life in general
Jayne Stanton: Jayne Stanton's blog
Gerry Stewart: Thistle Wren
Bekah Steimel: Bekah Steimel's blog
Sarah Stockton: Via Divina
Christine Swint: Balanced on Edge

David Vincenti:  David Vincenti's Blog Less Traveled

Tony Walton: Tony Walton Blog

Keith Welch: Blog o' Poetry
Laura Grace Weldon: Laura Grace Weldon's blog
Leslie Wheeler: Taking Poetry Personally 
Eileen Winnand: These Are the Artifacts
Katharine Whitcomb: Poetry Is Cool


  1. My name is Sagar Pathak. I'm a 27 year old writer from Mumbai, India. The following is the link to my blogs. I'm a beginner still when it comes to blogging. I have posted the said picture in one of my blogs entitled 'In the Loving Memory of Charles Lamb'.

  2. I’d like to be added -
    Renee Emerson : This Quiet Hour

  3. Ordinary Average Thoughts: https://ordinaryaveragethoughts.com

    My blog consists primarily of:

    • love notes to the days of the week (the series is now in its sixth year)
    • new poems: I try to post something every day—good, bad, or ugly—accompanied by detail from a photo or sketch
    • updates on new collections in progress
    • occasional bouts of self-promotion
    • infrequent life updates

  4. Keith Welch
    Name: Blog o' Poetry
    link: https://www.keithwelchpoetry.com/blog

  5. Hello! I'd love to be added. My name is Josephine Corcoran, my blog is also called Josephine Corcoran and the link is https://josephinecorcoran.org/ Happy New Year.

  6. Is the expectation to post once a week?

    1. It's entirely up to you. My goal is 2x a month. It was started last year with the hope we'd blog once a week, but sometimes that doesn't happen. So I think it's completely up to the blogger to decide the number or commitment they want to keep.

  7. My name is Daniel Patrick Sheehan and I blog at:


    1. Hi Dan, your blog is showing as deleted. Is the address incorrect? Let me know!

  8. I'm Anne Higgins, and I'd love to be part of this poetry blogging network.. My blog's address is: https://annesbirdpoems.blogspot.com
    and the name of the blog is Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky. I post a lot of other peoples' poems as well as my own.

  9. Hi Kelli, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for adding me to the Poetry Blogging Network and sorry to pester you on New Year's Eve. I just caught a small error in my blog's URL. Here's the correct one: https://clayandbranches.com/. Thanks again and may your 2019 be filled with joy and poetry! Best, Romana

  10. James Lee Jobe, Book of Jobe, https://james-lee-jobe.blogspot.com/
    I blog daily, every draft of every poem.

  11. Lynne Burnett

    I'd love to be added! Great start to 2019!
    Poems and Ponderings https://lynneburnett.ca/

  12. Please add me. We will be continuing the poet interview series at my blog. Bekah Steimel https://bekahsteimel.com/blog/

  13. Hi Kelly - I'd love to be included again. I usually post monthly but planning to up the number in 2019. https://angelatcarr.wordpress.com

  14. Please add me

    Uma Gowrishankar
    My Garden

  15. Just in case it was missed on the other page
    I'd like to join. Thanks for doing this.
    Gerry Stewart, Thistle Wren, https://thistlewren.blogspot.com/

  16. I would like to be added! I added the image/link to my right sidebar! My name is Melinda Longtin. My blog is inspirwing. The link is https://inspirwing.com

    I am so excited to join the community!

  17. Hey Kelli, I'd love to be added to the network. My blog is called Via Divina, found at www.sarahstockton.com. Thanks!


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