6 word new years resolutions

I saw this on the writer bug's blog, the task, like 6 word memoir,
write your resolutions in 6 words only.

Here are a few of mine--

Try to remember: attachment causes fatigue.

It's about the work, nothing else.

Be open, be giving, be kind.

Never throw rocks at whales- never! (that was my dad's resolution
every year). ;-)

Keep faith close, assume the best.

Realize my path is only mine.

Talking about problems doesn't fix them.

Trust myself, but not my fears.

Stay off the grid a bit.

More quiet time, bye bye news.

Be good to myself and others.

Find art in my life daily.

Become a little more Frida Kahlo.


  1. love these :) especially being more off the grid.

  2. Great resolutions, Kel. Here's mine:

    Grow a mustache/beard like Frida's.

    No, seriously:

    Stop procrastinating; head down, you silly!

  3. Love these! I laughed at the rock/whale one. Nothing I ever thought about before, but surely words to live by. :)


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