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Interview with Suzanne Frischkorn from Two Sylvias' Weekly Muse:

Every other week at Two Sylvias Press, we do an interview with one of our favorite poets that ends up in the Weekly Muse (a new tool we created to help poets stay in touch, write over 100 poems in a year, find new places to submit, and more!) Our January 1st issue featured Suzanne Frischkorn whose new book FIXED STAR is now out! And if you want to know more about The Weekly Muse, check it out here!    Interview with Suzanne Frischkorn:  Showing Up to Write Without Expectations TSP : Suzanne, we have been fans of your work since your first book,  Lit Windowpane  (2008), now your new book  Fixed Star  has JUST been released from Jackleg Press! (Congratulations!)  How have your poems or writing process changed since your first book, and in what ways did you stretch yourself in  Fixed Star ? SF:  That’s so kind of you to say! Thank you so much. It’s very exciting to have a new book out in the world. These are great questions. Both  Lit   Windowpane , and my second book,  Girl   on   a   Br

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