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Happy Valentine's Day, Friends!

As you know, I have a fondness for typewriters. And while I don't own this beauty, it's an Italian designed typewriter called "Valentine" from Olivetti in 1969. What I love is that they put this in the user guide:  Dear Valentine, this is to tell you that you are my friend as well as my  Valentine , and that I intend to write you lots of letters... Which brought to mind one of my favorite poems by Agha Shahid Ali, "Stationery." _________________________________ Stationery       by Agha Shahid Ali The moon did not become the sun. It just fell on the desert in great sheets, reams of silver handmade by you. The night is your cottage industry now, the day is your brisk emporium. The world is full of paper. Write to me. _________________________________ If there is a silver lining to what we've been living through this last year, I hope that's it's given you more time to write more letters, read more, and write more poems.  Sending you Valentines wish

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