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#AWP19: Need a break? My Favorite Things in Portland

Note: You can see this sign from the Old Town VooDoo Donuts and it's located at: 3rd Street between Burnside and Ankeny, if you're looking to do your own photoshoot. 

If you need a break from AWP and just want a few places to visit, here are a few of my favorite things in Portland.

Note: And if you're happy to walk, you can start at WildFang then head to the Trifecta to the Poet Introvert (if you do this, I'd suggest skipping Sizzle Pie and eating at the Teahouse), then end at VooDoo Donuts for Dessert all in order as they are all pretty much 

The Trifecta (I Read, I Wore, I Ate):
Powell's Books (biggest indie bookstore --yes, you must go here, the poetry section will blow your mind alone)
    1005 w. burnside st., Portland

Buffalo Exchange (across the street, cool consignment shop for men and women)
 1036 W. Burnside St., 

Sizzle Pie: Delicious pizza and salad and great for vegans/vegetarians
       926 W Burnside

How to do this? Go to Powell's until you're *just*…

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