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What Day is It? The Working from Home Edition

Today is a Monday. On most Mondays, I'm at the Two Sylvias Press office working, since Friday, March 13th, I have been working from home. The first thing I noticed is how both long and short the days are. Long in that, without a commute, running errands, or even choosing an outfit or putting on makeup, there are definitely more hours in the day. However, with everyone home, "the house" becomes its own project of cleaning up and dishes. The first two weeks both felt as if I got a lot done and nothing done. My biggest problem was I couldn't remember what I did. Did I write? Did I do Two Sylvias work? Did I do laundry? Did I sit on the couch and scroll through Facebook? Did I play Words with Friends and bingewatch Love is Blind (possibly...)? So I've started a few things to help me understand where my time is going and to remember what I did. 1) The Daily Log: I now keep a book next to me, a daily log where it has four columns, Morning/Afternoon/Evening/

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