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Waiting for the World to Melt: Snowpocalypse in the NW = Impromptu Writing Retreat

So... after calling Cliff Mass our local (and probably best) meteorologist, "Cliff Mass Hysteria" because everyone in the Northwest was freaking out about the upcoming snowstorm, I realize, I underestimated the amount of snow we would get and how long many of us would be stuck in our homes.


Seattle is easy to make fun of because of how we react to the snow (I mean, I've been making fun of us all week), but I saw this visual on Twitter (I wish I knew who made it) and it kind of explains why snow shuts down the region--

We have a ton of hills and microclimates. We aren't prepared for any of this. I haven't gotten mail since last Friday. There have been no deliveries in my neighborhood of any kind--FedEx, Amazon, UPS. My Blue Apron order is stuck in Oregon. And I'm working from home. 

Now, if I were a normal person, all this lack of connection and the ability to leave my house may wear me down. But I am not your normal person, I am a poet, so for me, this snow…

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