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Wonderful Interview with Leah Umansky and her new book, OF TYRANT

Interview with Leah Umansky :  Looking for Moments of Goodness—Start Noticing TSP :   Congratulations on your upcoming poetry collection,  Of Tyrant , in which you have a skilled and beautiful way of playing with space, employing the use of repetition which sometimes resembles litanies, and mixing the political with the personal.  As readers, at times we feel drawn into the rage and the darkness of the content, but then you gift us with so much beauty and hope as you write, "oyster our way out of hate." We are curious if you were working on writing these two threads simultaneously or if those moments of noticing "it's good to be alive" and that "every one of us is important" were revelations you found in your exploration of the tyrant/monster. Could you speak to that process, and also, what would you say to our readers who might want to write about current political issues or global crises?   LU:    Thank you so much. I really enjoy juxtaposition, to b

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