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AWP 2019: Tips from an Introvert #AWP2019 #AWPTips

Someone once told me I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies. Read: I need alone time, but I am friendly.

AWP has a way of playing a number on people like me. We love meeting other poets, but we get tired and overwhelmed easily. Sometimes we may overhug people in awkward moments (been there, done that.) 

Here is a visual of my energy. This is why AWP can get overwhelming...

As someone who has a love/hate relationship with AWP, let me share a few of my secrets as someone who has been attending on and off since 2004.

1) Know your limits and be honest about them: For me, this is saying, "I can't make any definite plans, but if you find yourself free, text me." 

What this means is, I don't know what I'm going to feel until the moment, so while I love you and want to spend time with you, I may make 1 or 2 definite dates, but mostly, I will need to play the entire conference by ear. Sometimes I just need to rest (read: hide) in my hotel room. Sometimes I actually want t…

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