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Reading Calendar For Dialogues with Rising Tides / Kelli Russell Agodon

This month I have been dazzled and overjoyed with the love and support from so many about my book, though at times, I have felt like that hand in the life ring on the cover of my book--drowning not waving. Or maybe I'm just looking for a high-five.  I haven't been this busy since pre-pandemic and in the busyness was neglectful of sharing that I have some wonderful readings coming up!  I would love to invite you to my Copper Canyon Press reading tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 5th at 5 pm PST) Click here to get a link to the reading. The whole event won't be more than an hour, so do join us to hear all these stunning poets and poems from their new books! UPCOMING READINGS: COPPER CANYON RELEASE READING: May 5th, 2021 (Wednesday), 5 pm PST:  Copper Canyon Press Spring Book Release Zoom Reading . with Kayleb Ray Candrill, Arthur Sze, Nikki Wallshlaeger, Noah Warren, and me.  Click Here to Sign up for Zoom link. ​May 20: Northwind Reading Series with Susan Landgraf.  May 23, 202

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