Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Poets Who Are Giving Away Free Poetry Books for National Poetry Month! - #NaPoMo

Here's the first group of poets who are giving away free books for National Poetry Month
(updated 3/31/15 at 4:44 am PST) :

Just click on their names and it will take you to their blog. Leave them a comment there to be entered in their drawing. Kind of easy. Kind of cool!


Do you have a blog or Tumblr page to post two books you'd like to give away?
If so, go to this post to see how to become involved!

Happy Poetry Month!

OH and next year, THE BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY will be handled by Allyson Whipple!  I'm passing it over to her! Thank you, Allyson! 

~ Kells 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Big Poetry Giveaway! 2015: (Celebrating Year 6!) The Guidelines -- #NaPoMo

Big Poetry Giveaway! 2015: (Celebrating Year 6!)

So it's that time again-- National Poetry Month is around the corner and for those of us who love poetry, poets, and their books, it's time for us to share our favorite books (and our own books) with you.

This is our SIXTH annual National Poetry Month BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY. 
And it's simple-- anyone with a blog can giveaway 2 books of poems.  
Anyone can enter any or all of the giveaways.  Yes, poetry is that easy!


Bloggers give away 2 books of poems-- 

the first can be your own 

and the second book must be of another favorite poet of yours.

The goal is to share our favorite poets with others as well as to visit different blogs and see who others are reading. There is also a benefit for those who participate as it will bring people to your blog and share your work and/or the work of a favorite poet with them.

I'll keep a list of all the blogs participating on this post and to the right side of my blog.

If you're interested in participating here are the GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES--

The Poetry Book Giveaway is officially started and the giveaway will run through April 30th, 2015 (all of National Poetry Month).

If you want to have your blog be part of this giveaway, here's what you need to do by SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 2015--

1)  Create a blog post that includes the above image (so we know you're participating) that announces the two poetry books you are giving away.  

(You are welcome to include a little note about yourself, your own book you're giving away (if you have one) and the poetry book(s) you choose and why you love them.   Also, feel free to share a few other blogs you read and if you'd like, something about your writing process, where you write, or what you're working on.)  

Somewhere in your blog post, you can include a link to this page, in case others have questions or want to participate.  I will keep a running list on the side of my blog as well as on this post (note: the side list will be the most up-to-date, I'll update this list below every few days).

2)  Once you have your blog post up, leave me a comment below with --

a)  the name of your blog 
b)  your full name
c)  a link to your giveaway blog post

I will be keeping a complete list of bloggers who will be giving away poetry books for National Poetry Month and will add you to it.  (I'll update this page every few days with the complete list.)

Then sometime in the week of  May 1st, 2015, choose 2 winners for your giveaway.

--You can do this buy putting everyone's name who commented on the giveaway in a bowl and choosing one. Or you can use the random number generator and then count down the comments until you get to the winner. (Make sure to email them so they know they won...)

**** NOTE: If you are participating in this giveaway, you must be willing to mail 2 separate books of poems to ANYWHERE in the world. You pay for the postage, the winner DOES NOT.

Questions you still may have about the giveaway--

1) Can I enter the drawing if I don't participate in the giveaway?
Yes, the drawings are open to anyone.

2) Can I enter the drawings if I am a blogger giving away two books?
Yes, again, the drawings are open to anyone.

3) Can the two books I give away both by written by me?
No. One book in your giveaway must be by another poet, specifically one of your favorite poets.

4) Can I give away two books that I wrote and one book from someone else?
Yes! You can give away as many of your own books as you like as long as you make sure to give away a book by someone else. You are also welcome to give away a subscription to a favorite literary journal as an extra prize if you like, but again, you cover the cost.

5) I'm not a blogger, but can I participate?
No & Yes.  You cannot participate in giving away 2 books of poems, but you can enter to win books in the giveaways.

6) Do the books I give away have to be new?
No. But only give away gently-used books. They should look newish (and smell newish).

7) I'm not a poet (or don't have a book of poems), but I love poetry can I participate in the giveaway?
Yes! Just give away books by two of your favorite poets.

8) I'm a poet, but only have a chapbook, does that count as a book?
Yes! Chapbooks are books! Feel free to give away your chapbook and then another collection by a favorite poet.

9) I don't want to pay postage if someone wins. Can I still participate?
No. You must be willing to mail the books to the winner anywhere in the world at your cost. That's what makes it a giveaway (not a pay-me-for-postage-to-send-you-your-winning-book-away.)

10) Do I need to have a blog to enter for the drawings?
This is completely up to the blogger who hosts the drawing you sign up for. 
When I did it for last year, I allowed readers without blogs to sign up but only if they include their email so I could get ahold of them if they won.

11)  If I don't have a blog and I sign up for a drawing, how will the blogger contact me?
Make sure to leave your name and email address!

12)  How long will you be accepting posts/links for the giveaway?
All emails or comments below with your blog name, your full name & a link to your blog giveaway MUST be emailed or posted below to me by 9 pm PST, April 5, 2015 if you want to participate. 

13) What are the exact dates of this giveaway?
The giveaway begins immediately.  And you can enter someone's contest as SOON as a blogger posts their giveaway. 

The giveaway ends April 30th, 2015 at midnight (PST or Hawaii-time, not sooner).

The winners will be chosen the week of May 1st, depending on the blogger's schedule.  

14)  How will I know if I've won?  
A blogger will contact you probably by email to let you know and will then ask for your mailing address to mail the book out to you.

15) Where's THE LIST of all the blogs giving away books of poems?
On the RIGHT side of this blog (and hopefully, I'll have it posted below soon, with a date it's been updated).

16)  This is becoming an annual thing, why do you do this each year?

Because I want to introduce people to poets they may not have heard of.
Because I want more people to read poetry.
Because I love the idea of poetry books being mailed off to new readers.  
Because I like learning about new blogs and bloggers.
Because it's National Poetry Month and I want to bring more attention to poets and poetry.

So if you're a blogger interested in participating, make a blog post on your blog with the 2 books you're giving away, link it back to this post, and leave me a comment below IN THE COMMENTS with your --


Got it?

You can see my post here  (as an example of how to do this) -- and feel free to leave a comment to enter the drawing if you like.

Any questions, email me at  kelli (at) agodon.com

~ Kells 

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Participants as of 4/12/15, 11:53 am PST:


A few spots open for 2015 Poets On the Coast: A Weekend Writing Retreat for Women

Kelli & Susan

We have a few more spaces left if you were interested being part of Poets on the Coast: A Weekend Writing Retreat for Women in La Conner, Washington

We begin on Friday, September 9th and go throughout the weekend until Sunday, September 11th.

The weekend is about writing, nurturing, inspiring and connecting with other poets.

Susan Rich and I have co-directed this amazing weekend for the last 4 years, so this 5th anniversary retreat should offer lots of special surprises to our participants. So if you haven't ever been a part of it and want to try it out, this is the year to do so!

There is no need to feel worried if you're shy or introverted. We create an open and accepting atmosphere, one where women poets can write and thrive and always be supported.

Amazing women sign up, some are newer to poetry and some have been writing for years. But it's always fun, inspiring, fulfilling, and a good time!

You can learn more here:  http://poetsonthecoast.weebly.com/

And here are some photos from last year's retreat in La Conner, Washington. So much joy!



Hope to see you there!

Kelli & Susan

~ Kells 

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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Big Poetry Giveaway 2015: Happening in April !

So for the last 6 years, I've been organizing this Big Poetry Giveaway.  

In 2013, I was in London, so Susan Rich was kind enough to handle it for me. Last year, we had over 50 poets involved and over 100 books were given away.

So today, with so much going on, I looked at the calendar and thought-- should it really happen again? 

Since several of you have already asked me if it would do it one more time, I've decided that YES, it will happen again.


The BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY is an event that will begin Friday, March 27th and go through April 30th.

Basically, poets and people with blogs that want to give away 2 poetry books (one can be their own, but the other must by a poet they love) will create a post and anyone can leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for the two books.

Yes, they can give away more than two poetry books (but ONE book must be by a poet they love!) 

AND it means, that anyone who leaves a comment on any of the blogs posting poetry books can win a book of poems.

AND you get to learn about new FAVORITE books of poems.

And yes, bloggers can also give away a subscription to a favorite literary journal, or a broadside they have, or a first edition book, but TWO BOOKS must be books of poems.

If you want to participate as a blogger and give away two books of poems, check back here on March 27th to see how to participate.(I'll be adding blog posts to our list of poet bloggers giving away books from March 27 - April 5th, 2015.

The only thing required of bloggers is they giveaway 2 books of poems (one can be your own) and that you will mail them to ANYWHERE in the world at no cost to the winner.

If you want to participate as a reader and possible winner, check back here on March 27 and THROUGHOUT National Poetry Month to enter your name in the different drawings.

So that's the scoop!

See you on the 27th with more info on how to participate! (And here's a link to last year's guidelines if you're anything like me and need to know exactly what's happening. This year will be quite similar.)

And to keep track on Facebook, you can like this page:

~ Kells 

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Friday, March 13, 2015

White Pine Press IndieGogo for Robert Bly's New book--

Click here to Support a new book by Robert Bly. $20 & the book is yours! Plus, you support White Pine Press, a nonprofit poetry publisher that has been around for OVER 40 years! 

White Pine Press has been publishing quality poetry and literature in translation for over forty years. We have published the work of Robert Bly for almost that long and are asking your help to raise funds to support the publication of Like The New Moon I Will Live My Life, a major collection of his work. 
Like The New Moon I Will Live My Life forms a companion to his recent Stealing Sugar from the Castile: New and Selected Poems. The Chinese-influenced strain of Bly's work is celebrated here and amply showcased in the over 170 poems. The collection is a kind of back road running parallel to the more traveled route of his Selected Poems.
I have worked with Robert and the poet Thomas R. Smith who contributes an insightful introduction, to rediscover a significant body of his work hidden in long out of print chapbooks, books, magazine issues, and in manuscripts. 
Robert Bly has long been recognized as one of the giants of Twentieth century poetry and thought. The Huffington Post says of him "Robert Bly changed the course of American poetry by opening it up to the imagination and the deep-image aesthetic, he is dedicated to reintegrating poetry with life — daily life, the life of the body, spiritual and political life."
Please join us in celebrating and supporting the publication of Robert's work in the new collection and spread the word to friends who enjoy his work. 
Dennis Maloney
Founding Editor/Publisher
White Pine Press

~ Kells 

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Monday, March 09, 2015

Work in Process: List of Contemporary Women Poets Writing & Publishing Today (2015) --

So, this list started out because I was redoing my own website-- www.agodon.com -- and I wanted to look at what other poets are doing on their own websites. What I found when I went to do this was that I couldn't find one comprehensive list of women poets who have webpages.

So I do what I always tend to do when the world doesn't have what I want-- make what I need.

The list below is NOT complete. There are huge gaps, I'm sure there are well-known poets and lesser-known women poets who are not listed, maybe you're a woman poet with a website who has a book of poems and I've missed you. Apologies (please add your name in the comment section with a link to your webpage and I'll add you.)

The list was created because I told an online group of women poets that I was making a list of poets writing today and if they wanted to be included, to send me their website. The majority of this list is from there.

While I originally wanted homepages, women poets author pages, I did take Facebook pages, blogger pages (some blog pages really are their author page), a couple of Poetry Foundation page and one literary agency page.

You will also notice that there are a lot of Northwest poets, mostly because, when I think of poets, these friends are the first to come to mind (I'm also from the NW and we have a highly active and supportive poetry community up here.)

It's not perfect at all, but it's a start.

It's a place to check out to discover new poets (I will say, just from MAKING this list, I ended up purchasing over ten books of poems and I have many more on my Wish List.) And yes, there are many incredible women poets on here, but again, it's nowhere near completely.

Also, some links will open up in a new tab, but others will not. I do want all the links to open on their own tab, but that little extra touch was taking much time, so I gave up on it. Sorry. I may come back and try to fix that.

So otherwise, here's the list of *some* women poets who are writing and publishing today. If you are a women poet with a book (or upcoming books), and would like to be listed, please leave your name in the comment section.

Thanks! And again, apologies for *anyone* I missed!

As of March 9th, 2015:


Colleen Abel

Maya Jewell Zeller

~ Kells 


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