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Confession Tuesday... night!

Congratulations to the MacArthur Genius Grant Winners--

Translation Politics & Poetry

McCain/Palin Haiku Contest, Free Table, & News from the Birds

Happy Monday Morning...

Have a Great Weekend!

What I Learned From the Mail Lady & Artist Date

Groovy Karma - Poems Fly Today

More pancakes? More butter? Chilly Willy explores his life as a poet...

No Roses... just hope

Crab Creek Review Reading Oct 22 in Seattle - Hugo House 7 p.m.

Thursday Thoughts---

Confession Tuesday

Monday Meditations

From The Guardian: Article by Wendy Copy on Writing Poetry


Gratitude Journal

Sunday Poetry Reading: A Response

Amusing CNN Headline--

Confession Tuesday

The Joys of Living Simply...

If you're interested in how Obama & McCain feel about the arts...

I *Heart* Tina Fey

Poetry Filled

September 11th Memorial To Firefighters

Children Craft for Peace- 9/11 Tribute

A Moment of Silence

Confession Tuesday


Because you asked...

Monday Meditations

On Rejection...

Selling Average to the Country...

First Day Back - Where I Am

Welcoming Back!

First Day of School...

Confession Tuesday