Favorite Things

I have a habit of saying when I want something that's kind of an extreme luxury (or absolutely ridiculous), I'll say, "When I'm Oprah-rich, I'll have a ______________." 9 out of 10 times it has do with laundry. "When I'm Oprah-rich I'll have a person and all he or she will do is fold the laundry and put it away." "When I'm Oprah-rich, I'll have a room, that room will only be for dressing. It will consist of 3 large walking closets and there will be someone there who makes sure there is never a full dirty hamper anywhere in the house."

You see, more than anything in my life, the laundry kicks my butt. But this isn't about laundry, it's about Oprah.

One of my favorite Oprah shows is Her Favorite Things show, so this post, perfectly placed almost 3 weeks before Christmas, will be a list of my favorite things.

Many of the books listed below I read this year, a few are from years back, but they continue to be books (usually poetry books) I still return to. If you go to page 2, I have a few favorite DVDs.


  1. Great list with quite a few things I have been wanting to order :) i really hope i get some bookstore gift cards this year.

  2. I feel honored to be on your list, and such a good one at that!


  3. Thanks for including my books - I am so happy to make the list - honestly!

  4. What a lovely list. Nifty format too. I sense some book shopping in my future.


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