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Confession Tuesday

My Favorite Things: Christmas Ideas for Readers, Book Lovers, Poets, & Writers

Plaid Friday! Shop INDIE this Season & Support your local indie merchants & artists! -->

Keep Calm & Cranberry On...

Snoopy Balloon in the Macy's Day Parade - Don't miss out on Amazing...

Beat Poets not beat poets #Occupy

Confession Tuesday

Robert Hass, Occupy Berkeley & It's "Beat Poets" not "beat poets"

The Art of Procrastination -->

Editor's Life: 6 Suggestions When Submitting Your Work for Publication

Why I Love Writers & Readers...

Early Thankful Thursday (or Wednesday)-- TED Talk with Charlie Todd

Confession Tuesday

Fire On Her Tongue Anthology... Almost ready & already amazing -->

Confession Tuesday - The DIY Writing Retreat Day Edition (and why you need to keep good friends in your life)

Book Trailer for Kathleen Flenniken's Next Book of Poems: PLUME

A Letter from Novelist Harper Lee:

Best Complaint Letter Ever! Debra Jarvis takes on a Cookie Company--

Just do it-->

Thankful Thursday- Cerise Press

Day 2 of November's Poem-A-Day Challenge: Some thoughts to help you through...

Confession Tuesday

For the Poets-- Poem-A-Day Challenge! --->