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Happy 98th Birthday to my Nana

Details from the Olena Kalytiak Davis & Kary Wayson Reading

Another photo from the kary wayson/ olena kalytiak davis reading

How to Expand Your Retail Outlets if you are a Small Independent Book Publisher

From the Olena Kalytiak Davis & Kary Wayson Reading last night..,,

Poetry Submission Update

Reading in Seattle Tonight...

Gratitude Journal

Confession Tuesday

Up Early to Write...

Final Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat day Photos

Another Photo from Our DIY Writing Retreat Day...

DIY Writing Retreat

Birthday Riches...

Great Short Essay by Midge Raymond on our Crab Creek Review blog this week

New Poet-Blogger in the Neighborhood, Welcome Erin Hollowell!

Writing Exercise Possibility-

Books = Baby in the Land of Oliver

Thank you from Crab Creek Review...

What Are Angelheaded Hipsters?

Kelli is in her writing shed...

Quote of the Day

2010 Poster- well, part of it

confession Tuesday

Where's the 7?

My Birthday Gift

Call for Submissions - Crab Creek Review on Ekphrastic Poetry

It's More Than Just a Day Off...

From the Crab Creek Review Blog...

Notes from Beneath the Covers: Why Poems/Stories/Essays are Rejected from Literary Journals

Why I Like Writers Best...

free Association

Giveaway... on So I Gathered's Blog

Words added...

Mudflap Girl

Confession Tuesday

My hedgehog

Free Association

Poets & Taxes

My Birfday

On Being a Writer

Mini Review: 29 Gifts by Cami Walker

Extended Deadlines on Persona Poems--

My First Blurb!

Things to Do Right Now While Submitting Your Manuscript

Gratitude Journal

Confession Tuesday

free Association

Mac vs. PC - for Writers & Poets

Day 3 of a New Decade

I Ching Card of 2010: Harmony

The Best New Year's Resolutions that apply to Most Poets & Writers!