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Confession Tuesday on Halloween

The Simpson's Version of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" #halloween

A Good Day as a Writer

Autumn Typewriter #potd

Um, if one of these is your password-- change it now! 25 WORST Passwords 2012

Today's Writing Prompt:

Thankful Thursday: Favorite Things

Confession Tuesday

Quote of the Week - Kurt Cobain

Moving Forward - You are not your mistakes.

Marketing For Introverts: Make it Fun - Lesson 3

Since We're Talking About Marketing, Here's a Great Link for Bloggers! @AndreeaAyers #blogs

Book Marketing for Introverts: The Benefits of Friends - Lesson Two

Book Reviews & Recommendations

Best Tool For Writers EVER! *Self-Control* (for the Mac!) No really, it's software for MacUsers!

Marketing for Introverts: The Basics - Lesson 1

Confession Tuesday

Poets in Pajamas at Susan Rich's Blog!

Reading Steal Like An Artist by @AustinKleon - 10 Ways to be a Better Writer

Confession Tuesday: Time Keeps on Ticking into the Future...

Best typo ever-- Is this really what we should do if approached by a coyote?