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The Other Photos

Channelling Andy Warhol (Susan Rich & Kelli as part of The Seattle Art Museum'sWarhol Exhibit

Self portrait in the Italian Room

Poets in the coffeeshop

Request - Creating the Environment to Write... Part 2

Request - Creating the Environment to Write... Part 1

Because You Asked...

Foggy Procrastination...

Reminder for SUMMER GIVEAWAY...

The Beauty of Poetry Salons - Susan Rich reads in Port Townsend

Breaking (Poetry) News--

My New Glasses...

Confession Tuesday

Today's Humor--

When there's not enough time to write--

Giveaway! - Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Bars and/or Sandwiches!

Request: How often do you write?

Confession Tuesday - Beach Bubblegum Edition

Self Portrait with Cannon

Request: You seem to have a lot of projects, yet mention "living simply." How does this work? How do you find balance?

Does anyone know what this says?

Request: What are your pet peeves as an editor?

Request: What have you learned as an editor of a literary journal?

Confession Tuesday

Emily Dickinson Book Recommendations -