confession Tuesday, I Mean Wednesday

Dear Reader,

I confess I am late. How quickly a year/month/week/day goes by. To make up for it, I posted the photo of the storybook mushrooms I found today with friends. They honestly looked fake on the lawn of the antique shop, or what is the chocolate shop, I don't remember.

But since I'm late, I shouldn't keep you waiting any longer...

to the confessional--

I confess I won't be here next week as I'll be off to a magical place to write. I do not know if they have storybook mushrooms, but I will be looking for them.

I confess I have not been writing much this fall. Wait, I've confessed this before. I used to be someone who believed a writer must write every day, now I don't believe that, except that I do. I do believe it's important to write every day and I've been disappointed with myself for not. But I know that no one can stand behind me and hold up my pen but me. So, this is just a bad habit I've encountered recently/since May, I am the one who is accountable for how I spend my time.

I confess that since I've known I'll be having this upcoming writing week, I've allowed myself to neglect my writing because I know I have this time set aside for me. That kind of annoys me about myself, but I also know that sometimes when I don't allow myself to write, I write even more. We'll see what happens once I get there.

I confess I'll tell you more when I return.

I confess that today was such a beautiful sunny day that a friend and I went mountain biking! It was so cold -about 40 degrees, but so much fun. I should have worn gloves though. In trying to pull my sleeves over my fingers, I twisted my handlebars and crashed. Did I mention it was muddy? Oh yeah.

My bike is fine and clean though. And so am I now.

We were going to go again tomorrow, but I think I'll suggest a hike. My lungs are not at full capacity and they kind ache after today's ride. Does it sound as if I'm neglecting my writing? I kind of am. But I'm kind of not.

I confess there are many different ways to be a writer, but I like my writing life better when I am writing every day. That will be my New Year's Resolution.

I confess I sound a little wishy-washy in this post. Maybe that's the mud running off my bike as I cleaned it. Maybe it's the mud I washed off my hands, arms, side, leg and shoes. Maybe I'm more washy than wishy.

I confess I must leave to do the chores I neglected all day. Writing is not a chore, so it will not be done tonight. Laundry will. Lots and lots of laundry. Washy-washy. I guess I was made for this.



  1. Hi Kelli- Is this "magical place to write" the event that Carolyn Foche is going to be too? If so, I hope you'll came back and have lots of cool stuff to share.

  2. We should all forgive ourselves for not writing every single day. Real life intrudes. But honestly, we are all so productive. Usually, if we're not writing, then we're doing something in persuit of our craft.

    Enjoy your magical writing week!

  3. give yourself a break!

    i say this as i do the same thing when i skip a day of writing :)


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