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Happy Halloween -Edgar Allan Pooh...

Happy Halloween (photo costumes throughout the years...)

Because you asked... the Original Toaster Ad

Art Matters - Vintage Ad: "Forget the toast-- let's write some poems"

Thinking about Sylvia Plath a Few Days after her Birthday...

Success - In a Drawing...

This made me laugh today-->

Happy to say that it has no longer been 85 days since I last submitted a poem...

Confession Tuesday

Sending Work Out into the World (or Not Doing That at All!)

Thankful Thursday: BatCat Press & Renee Emerson

Confession Tuesday - Writing Residency Edition

Where I Am

How to Celebrate a One Year Anniversary of Book Publication

Confession Tuesday

Grammar Posters by Edward Howell Designs...

Elizabeth Austen's Letter to Young Writers (A @HugoHouse Series)

Quote of the Day: Steve Jobs

Thankful Thursday - Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Collin Kelley's new book -- Remain in Light, A Novel! Congrats!

Confession Tuesday...

Do What Conan Says -->

Happy Anniversary to Us (here we are after 18 years of marriage...)

English-- It's more than just a muffin... it's a MAJOR! --->