Gratitude Journal

Time to write

New poems

Women writers and good energy


Vegan granola

My warm boots

The woodstove

Carrying our baskets with tomorrow's lunch in them back to our cabins.

Our own breakfast club

Walking driftwood beach

No interruptions

Christmas music

My new MacBook (it's awesome. Why did I wait so long??)

Reading poems in front of a fire

No news no Tiger Woods no outside world and their buzzing sounds

The time to be here

My family for taking care of things while I'm away.

Chocolate chip cookies

Not feeling as if running in circles

Time time time to read and write and take long lavender baths

The rubber duck with devil horns, the mermaid.

The forest


  1. Sounds incredible!
    I've put a week at a writers retreat on my Christmas wish list. We'll see :)


  2. when you get back, love to hear how it goes when you start submitting using a Mac. here there are some difficulties with formatting into Doc. I want a Mac at some point :)


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