New Year's Resolution and January Gill O'Neil's new book: UNDERLIFE

I plan on keeping better track of the books I read in 2010.

I was reading January's blog and realized I hadn't mentioned Maya Ganesan's book Apology to an Apple, which came out last year. There were others. I'm going to try to be better with that. And especially with poetry books. I have a new notebook I will keep with me and on my desk called Favorite Books.

And speaking of favorite books (and favorite poetry books), the most lovely poetry book arrived in my mailbox. January O'Neil's Underlife (New Voices)

and wow, what a great book! First, the book is absolutely gorgeous to hold. It's an incredible quality and has French flaps* which I love in books! But even better, the poems inside! While there were some I recognized (one even appeared in Crab Creek Review), many of these poems were new to me and how I love them.

Self-Portrait, a short poem with a great last line is one of my favorites, but I also love "The Kerning," which is in Crab Creek Review. But there are so many others-- Permanent, She's Closest to Breaking, Take Care (which has the title to the collection in it...) and oh so many others...

I definitely recommend picking this book up for your 2010 reads. It's beautiful in so many ways.

*What are French flaps?

French flaps are simply extensions of the paperback cover that fold inside the book. Not only are paperback books featuring French flaps sturdier and more attractive, but they are also useful because the flaps can be tucked back into the book to mark the reader's place.


  1. I can't wait to read underlife and I'm also planning to talk more about what I am reading on my blog next year :)

  2. Learn something everyday.. didn't know what they were called but I love them too!

  3. Why, thank you! Hope you enjoy Underlife as much as I enjoyed reading Small Knots.



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