Sunday Thoughts

Well, I leave for my writing retreat tomorrow.
I will take photos to share.

My cottage is heated by a woodstove. I will wear slippers and many layers of clothes. My favorite writing clothes which are thermal long-sleeve shirts and either my ripped jeans, green cords, or yoga pants.

I have not yet packed a journal, but have packed 2 bottles of Talking Rain, Total cereal, and cucumber/melon bodywash.

I have also not packed any pens, but have packed chocolate and a box of thin mints.

I am doing all the things I need to do before I leave. Like add things to my Christmas Wish List (hence all the Amazon links lately.) My mum joked that all I wanted for Christmas was "two stupid books." So now I have about ten stupid books on my wish list. Honestly, if you want to make me happy for Christmas, buy me a book or some nice pens. I'm simple that way.

Or don't buy me anything, but donate to my two favorite organizations right now.

Kiva (where you actually don't donate, but give loans to people in different countries and they pay you back. I've had every loan paid back, btw.)

Or to West Sound Wildlife Shelter (You know when you find those injured wild animals or birds that no one will take, well, these incredible folks take them. We brought them an injured baby bird and they nursed it back to health and sent it back into the wild. They do that for SO many animals. They are really the one of the best organizations I have found this year! I think every community needs a place like this.)

By the way, make sure to check out West Sound Wildlife Shelter's websitee for an incredible dose of cuteness. They have many of the baby animals they have helped and well, these photos always make my day.

So these are my thoughts on a Sunday morning. Getting ready to leave, but my thoughts scattered.

I'll pack a journal right now so I don't forget. And a pen. And some inspiration as well.



  1. Kelli - It sounds exciting! I hope you find it both a relaxing and textually invigorating experiance. Perhaps the beginning of book three? ;)

    May the muse be with you!

  2. non-writerly people don't get that we really just want the books and the pens :)

    have a great retreat!

    i keep meaning to set up a kiva account..

  3. The temperature here in Minneapolis this morning was something like 15 degrees, and we're supposed to get snow over the next couple of days, then later in the week the forecast is for low temps near zero.

    Enjoy the tropics. :)


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