Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The 2018 Poet Bloggers Revival Tour! Featuring...

Here's a list of poets who have committed to blogging at least once a week in 2018.

Kelli Russell Agodon- http://ofkells.blogspot.com/   
Donna Vorreyer – https://djvorreyer.wordpress.com  
Carolee Bennett – https://gooduniversenextdoor.com/
Mary Biddinger – wordcage.blogspot.com/ 
Dave Bonta –  http://vianegativa.us
Heather Derr-Smith – ferhext.com/   
Jeannine Hall Gailey  – webbish6.com 
Erin Hollowell – . T
Trish Hopkinson  https://trishhopkinson.com/
Crystal Ignatowski – http://somehiatus.tumblr.com/
Anita Olivia Koester – https://www.forkandpage.com/
Courtney LeBlanc – wordperv.com   
Lorena P Matejowsky   https://nothingbutblueskies.wordpress.com/   
James Moore –   
LouAnn Sheperd Muhm – https://louannmuhm.com/
January Gill O’Neill  – http://poetmom.blogspot.com .  
Sarah Russell – https://sarahrussellpoetry.net
Bonnie Staiger –https://bonniestaiger.com/
Hannah Stephenson – http://thestorialist.com
Stephanie Lane Sutton athenasleepsin.wordpress.com
Christine Swint –  https://balancedonedge.blog/   
Dylan Tweney – http://dylan20.tumblr.com/

Bookmark these bloggers! I'm going to be adding them to my sidebar shorly!

Blog posts topics you may see here and on other blogs:

  • craft discussions
  • reviews/sharing reading lists
  • poem drafts
  • process discussions
  • Successes and failures
  • interviews
  • prompts
  • market news/suggestions
  • news of the “writing world”
  • ANYTHING that could be interesting to a reader

My goal is to post at least ONCE a week, and more polished blog posts will end up on my Medium page (https://medium.com/@kelliagodon)

NOTE: If you aren't listed and want to add your name, go to Donna's blog and leave a comment on this post: https://djvorreyer.wordpress.com/2017/12/26/it-feels-just-like-starting-over/
Make sure to include YOUR NAME (as you would like it listed) and A LINK TO YOUR BLOG

-- she will be adding people next week and once a week from then on. (There seems to be a group forming!)

Looking forward to being back in the blogging world!
See you in 2018! 

~ Kells ________________ 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

2018 Poetry Bloggers Revival Tour!

Remember the community of bloggers we once had? How there was a neighborhood of poets blogging about their creative life.

Then Facebook came along, and many in the blogging world slowly stopped checking in, posting the happenings in their creative life as well as sharing the words, the books, the successes of others.

In those early years, it was how I found my favorite people including January Gill O'Neil, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Charles Jensen, C. Dale Young, Oliver de la Paz, Eduardo Corral, Mary Biddinger, Collin Kelley, Sandra Beasley, and so many others...

But we're back! 

Join me here on January 1st, 2018
for the Poetry Bloggers Revival Tour!

The commitment is one post a week (we can do more), but that's the absolute minimum. So this is where I'll be once a week.

I will be reposting some of my better posts (and some older posts revised) here on Medium.com:  https://medium.com/@kelliagodon

So if you want the WHOLE scoop, you can follow this blog.
If you want only the best and the more edited version, follow me on Medium.

See you in the New Year!  

~ Kells ________________ 


Friday, February 24, 2017

For the POETS! Two Sylvias Press Poetry Chapbook Contest Happening Now!



Winner receives $500

Chapbook published as print book and eBook

20 Author Copies

An amethyst depression glass trophy (circa 1930). 

Also, these are perfect-bound books, not stapled, and we work with the poet to create something of beauty as we believe each book is a work of art.

Learn more about the chapbook prize here:

DEADLINE: April 30, 2017

~ Kells 

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