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We'll be visiting the confessional tomorrow, but for now, enjoy this for the last day of National Poetry Month...

On Turning 40: Advice from Someone Who's Already in the Club For @webbish6

Happy Last Day of National Poetry Month - Enjoy this Broadside Poem...

Drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind, except falling in love & getting arrested. ~Hunter Thompson

Rules for Being Amazing by Robin Sharma

Confession Tuesday - Blue Skies Edition

I'm a Chain Reader (like Chain Smoker) but with books...

Support a Poet: Allyson Whipple

Interview with Eric Maisel, Author of MAKING YOUR CREATIVE MARK

Confession Tuesday: Collect Moments, Not Things

Poem Writing Exercise for National Poetry Month #NPM

Seattle Author: Writing As a Long Walk Down An Unmarked Path (Interview)

List of Poet Bloggers Participating in the BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY. Follow the links to enter to win FREE books! #giveaway

Interview with Sylvia Plath for National Poetry Month (calling English Poetry "in a bit of a straightjacket") #NPM

Poem of the Day: The Moon is a Comma, A Pause in the Sky @kelliagodon #instapoem #npm

Poem of the Day "The Queen" by Pablo Neruda in Spanish

Confession Tuesday - Living Outside My Comfort Zone Edition

Poem of the Day "The Queen" by Pablo Neruda #Potd #poetry

What Color Are You Missing? . . .

Control is just an illusion...