Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stop whatever you're doing... it's time to write!

Write something write now that you wouldn't have written had you not stopped to write it.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

I confess I haven't had much to confess recently.  I love boring, the way some people love drama.

Though lately, my mind is spinning, trying to finish things, trying to plan for things, trying to keep things clean, and trying to enjoy.

That's a lot of trying.

So, I'll continue.  Trying and confessing... to the confessional--

I confess I wish I was more of a doer than a trier.

I confess-- give me an afternoon and I will lose myself in a book, in a poem, or in a nap.

I confess I've had quite a bit of synchronicity lately.  It makes me feel connected.

I confess I worry if anyone is reading this.

I confess it's easier to forget I have a blog.

I confess my favorite treat is currently seasalt chocolate.

I confess I'm back to wanting to live/retire in a condo.

I confess I am six years in futures, two days in the past.

I confess it's hard for me to hate people because I have such a poor memory.

I confess sea otters can make me jump out of bed and run down a hill.  This is to see them.  This is not because they are in my bed.  That would be weird.

I confess I'm a little overwhelmed these days. A little and a little more.  But grateful.  And walking into the world with the belief I can find beauty everywhere.



Sunday, June 24, 2012

We are all poets, really.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Summer is Beginning...

Because of that, you may see more images here than words.

Do not worry, sugarbeep.  I will return with more words in fall.

Be happy!


Friday, June 22, 2012

"Even so, I must admire your skills, you are so gracefully insane." Anne Sexton

Anne sexton

2 Openings for Poets on the Coast: A Weekend Writing Retreat in #Oregon!

Okay, coolest literary-themed hotel ever (Sylvia Beach Hotel in Oregon), Friday to Sunday (September 7-9) with time to write and connect with other incredible poets.  A gourmet dinner, if you like.  A beach outside our doorway and the feeling that you're not in this alone.  We have it!

Women poets and writers-- if you want to spend some time focusing on your writing, we just had 2 openings for our Poets on the Coast Retreat.

If you want to learn more, go here.

Once these spots are filled, we are filled!  First come, first serve!

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

In 40 minutes it will no longer  be Tuesday.  This is my mind and life in the summer, odd times, a lot forgetfulness, a lot to do and a lot not to do.

So let's the confessional--

I confess I've been thinking a lot about creative living and a creative life.

Last night I met with three friends--two who were on a writing retreat--and I left feeling completely nourished.

Our talk was about what we're working on, our struggles as women and mothers and artists, how we want to do good work, connect with others, make some sort of positive change the world.

There was laughter, honesty, sharing.

I have been so tired of small talk lately.  When I talk to people, I want to go deep, I want to talk about the things that matter or are our minds.  Sitting down, we went right to what matters and I realized I just need to make sure I constantly surround myself with people like this.


I confess my wrist is sensitive.  And I don't mean you can hurt its feelings, but that I'm having a small bout with carpal tunnel again due to just one day where I had lost my wireless mouse.


I confess after complaining terribly about a neighbor and having angry feelings for him I saw an ermine.

To normal people, there is no connection.  But to me, I realize there is a lesson for me not to attack others just because I feel they are being selfish.

We had also been talking about my old corporate job, so weasel energy also seemed appropriate for that.


I confess I can be a little woo-woo with things, but it's the woo-woo that makes life interesting.  And when my life is full of woo-woo (aka synchronicity, connection, magic), I'm happier and living a more creative life.

This returns us to my first confession.  I am thankful for living a creative life, seeing an ermine, seeing a rainbow, seeing a cloud that looked like Neptune on a seahorse.  

Life needs good magic.  I'm hoping for more of it.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Confession Tuesday on Wednesday

Dear Reader,

I confess I'm late...

This is my summer life (even though the weather has been fall-ish) where I don't wear a watch (okay, I never wear a watch), nor look at the calendar.

I've been missing appointments and almost missing a couple deadlines because I've been doing everything except what I should be doing.  Except when I'm doing it.  And I have been doing a lot!

TO the confessional--

I confess we're meeting today to choose the finalists for the Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize.

The entries were EXCELLENT this year and we found some incredible poems!  We're narrowing them down, some will go on to Susan Rich to judge for the contest, all be we published in Crab Creek Review.  I'm excited to see what everyone found.


I confess I've had a hard time focusing lately.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I'm really only doing one thing right now-- judging contests.  I'm judging two contests and one had a huge number of entries.  That has taken up so much time, plus turned my office into a paper disaster.


I confess I tried the game Draw Something.  Don't try it. It's crazy addicting in a bad way.  Time not slips by, but kicks you in the bum as it's passing... all of a sudden 20 minutes is gone (where did it go?!)  I am probably going to delete this app off my phone because it's making me feel bad about how I'm using my time.


I confess I had something to tell you and now I don't remember.  I hate that.
I need to write things down or they are gone.  I cannot imagine what a looney I'll be at 90.


Speaking of 90, I visited my 100 1/2 year old Nana yesterday and while she has terrible short term memory, her long term memory is incredible.  We were asking her how to say words in French and she remembered everything.  My mum only remembers her Catholic prayers, but my Nana remembers all of it and was correcting us when we mispronounced. It was pretty amazing.


I confess I must shower and get on with my day.  Two meetings-- Crab Creek Review & Two Sylvias Press.

We're discussing our next projects.  We also want to do a Kickstarter project.

Speaking of which, while I am half-French on my mum's side, I'm also Irish on my father's side and this project for a children's book charmed me--

The author wrote to me and asked if I'd mention it here.  So there we are.  (But I wouldn't mention it if I didn't like it or think you would, and I do.)

I confess there are so many Kickstarter projects I want to fund/back.  One day I hope to have enough money to fund artists and writers.  Yes, I think it's that important.

I would love to be someone's patron some day.  To support poets and artists and writers with real money, $$$, lots of it.  I hope one day to get to this place where I could just give my money away to the creative folks in the world doing good things.

Oh and because of this want to give away $$money$$ to writers, we raised our Editors' Prize at Crab Creek Review to $200.  You don't apply for it, every year we choose one writer to give $200 to just because we loved his/her work.  You have to submit and be published to win...if you're interested, we'll start taking submissions in August 2012 again.


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Confession Tuesday - The Medal Edition

The Poet and her Medal... next stop, the Pulitzer!

Dear Reader,

It's been 13.1 miles and copper river salmon since I've last confessed.  Life keeps moving on, so let's get down to it.

To the confessional--

Ask Me About my Medal
I confess I finished my first half marathon and I confess I only entered it for the medal.

I know this is not why people enter marathons.  They enter it to get satisfaction in what their bodies can do.  In the strength of running 13.1 miles.  I entered it to finish and receive my medal.

It wasn't about health or speed or style or satisfaction.  I wanted a medal and bygawd, I got one!


God Save the Queen
I confess I just booked a flight to London. Holy moly, what was I thinking?!

Dear Artists, I Think I Love You--
I confess I've lost in the world of artists lately.  I'm happiest there with people who have no fear and create because there is nothing else they want to do.

These people inspire me.  If I could be a painter, I would be.


Madness is a Gift--
I confess I've been feeling crazily creative lately.  I've been writing a lot and thankful for all that has come my way.

I do want to submit my work more though I haven't, and am thankful for my friends who are SO patient with me when I freak out about book titles.  (I'm always freaking out about book titles).


My Alter-Ego Sucks
I confess even though I'm a Capricorn, sometimes I can be ridiculously unorganized and this drags me down.  Future Kelli disapproves of when present-Kelli is so busy she doesn't put away her mess.


My Other Vacation
I confess because of our trip to London next year, we had a more camping-like vacation this year... My other vacation this summer is I'm kayaking with Orcas.  Of course, I know the dates I am kayaking, the Orcas, well, they may choose to not show up!

Reality Doesn't Bite...Hard--
I confess I'm just a confused writer trying to make the best of this life in this world.  Most of the time, I am just thankful for what is.  Most of the time, I am hopeful it will all work out.


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