A Week of being Thankful

I'm writing this B.C. (before coffee), before I've really even rolled from bed (so B.F.- before floor). Thanksgiving slides up on us this week. Here we were, minding our own business, just finally getting around to throwing out the rotting Jack O'Lanterns, when now it's time to return to our families--no, this year I won't have sit at the child's table--and the roles we love to hate.

So, I'm thinking about gratitude this week and what I am thankful for:

1) Family and Friends, as much as I see myself as a bit of a loner, I'm not.

2) Christmas songs (played 24 hrs a day starting this week)--I know, some of you are cringing, but it's the soundtrack to my season

3) Miracles, Coincidences, Synchronicity - and not just this time of year, any time of year

4) Peace, Love, and Understanding - Not just an Elvis Costello song and also the Elvis Costello song.

5) My pets-- they should have been mentioned earlier in the list, but my cat Eliot appeared and sat on my foot when I was on #5

6) Clean sheets - my favorite way to go to bed

7) Snow - Yes, I'm putting in my request for this holiday season.

8) Poets -known & unknown: I love to learn someone is writing poetry, or reading poetry, or going to poetry readings because s/he loves poetry. No other reason.

9) My new palm pilot-- it has taken the place of my 15 lb. daytimer and I love it!

10) Christmas shopping - while I despise shopping in general, I love buying gifts for others

11) Stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie-- while I've never been a huge turkey fan (probably from my 12 years of being a strict vegetarian), it's the trimmings on the table

12) A title for my manuscript (CHECK and DONE!)

13) Salted sunflower seeds in the shell

14) Hedgehogs

15) Faith

16) A cedar tree of cedar waxwings

17) Toys that don't require batteries

18) Each day

19) Gift bags full of girly stuff (thanks, J9!)

20) A poetry community - virtual and real life.


  1. What a great list -- especially for the inclusion of hedgehogs! Thanksgiving is the best of all the celebratory holidays: the one that brings us together on common ground.


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