From Craigslist LA

I ended up working on a poem about "Missed Connections" after writing that blog entry and in doing *research* here are my two favorite Missed Connections from the LA Craigslist today--

Hi! You were the neurotic, quiet and nerdy writer picketing outside the studio this morning! Did you write that sign yourself? That was so clever. I was the Big, Bad Studio Monster that paid you exorbitant amounts of money up front, then denied you a piece of the back end. Then I ignored all your requests to negotiate and tried to bully you into a deal!

Can we kiss and make up? Please? I think we can work some magic together if we both just put our egos aside. Who cares about the Below the Line people? We're above it for a REASON!!!

Location: Hollywood Studio


And this one:

We kept running into each other in the bedroom showrooms in ikea. We kept making eye contact.

get back to me if you find this...

Location: Ikea in burbank