Lost Sylvia & Found Lorine

Things I Did Today--

I freaked out because I couldn't find any of my Plath books except The Colossus and Ariel, only to discovered I had moved them all into the living room bookshelf. I swear, I was starting sweat.

It makes me a little crazy when I can't find one of my books. I keep them alphabetized to avoid such confusion, but I've moved some larger collected works, journals, and letters to that living room bookshelf and I tend to keep forgetting that. Maybe I should put a post-it note on my bookshelf that says, Don't worry, walk towards the couch.

* * *

Have you ever read Lorine Niedecker?
You should.

Two old men--
one proposed they live together
take turns cooking, washing dishes
they were both alone.
His friend: "Our way of living
is so different:

you spit
I don't spit."