Satisfaction in Two Parts...

So satisfied--

Last night I went to check my Verizon cellphone minutes to make sure I hadn't used more than the 700 allotted to me. When I went to check, it said 699 . I got this hugely satisfied feeling seeing how close I came with out going over (sort of like the Price is Right showcase showdown).

Anyway, I felt incredibly happy; I felt "wow, sometimes things just work out." And it's so small in this chaotic world, but 11:45 pm after a bizarre and not-so-powerful windstorm, knowing that midnight, my cellphone minutes would be cleared for a zero balance today, I felt good. I felt as if I got my fill from the cellphone buffet. I guess it's the little things that get me through sometimes.

* * *
Speaking of little things--

It's been a while since I posted a gratitude journal. Here's some other things that get me through the daze, I mean days.

1) Waking up to find hot coffee already made
2) Uwajimaya's paper dragon(s) & $7 beaded slippers
3) Lumpia made by my mother-in-law
4) My teeth after a cleaning
5) Kind strangers who smile
6) Always a hot shower
7) Lavender soap
8) The Frida Kahlo necklace a friend gave me
9) Art class
10) Other artists who make their lives creating their art


  1. ah, nothing beats fresh lumpia on a cold day!

    and i too HEART lavender soap!! i have giant brick of it in my shower right now. ;)


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