Gratitude List

1) My family & another Thanksgiving with my nana, who will turn 96 in January. During our family grace before our first Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday when asked, "What are you grateful for?" She said, "Give me a minute, you took me by surprise." Love it!

2) Thanksgiving Deja Vu: Since half of my family lives on this side of the water (rural seaside USA), and the other half lives on the Seattle side, we're having two Thanksgivings. One traditional one we had at my mum's and one today, where we will meet my sister, nieces, nephews, great-nephew (yes, I'm a great aunt!)and we'll dine out. I am thankful for the colorful stories this side of the family gives me with their holiday dramas, it would not be the holidays if someone wasn't talking about someone else. ;-)

3) The holiday season-- I know many hate it, but ignore the commercialism and listen to the underlining message-- to give, to be thoughtful, and to pay attention to the others around you.

4) I give thanks to giving thanks.

5) The Macy's Thanksgiving parade

6) You. Yes, every known, unknown, or random person who reads this blog. Whether you comment on not, email or not, you matter.

7) 4-day weekends-- Which reminds me of my friend's goal in high school: Never waste a 3-day weekend

8) The earth. As much as use and abuse it, it still keeps spinning for us.

9) Our imperfections. Imagine how dull this world would be if we were all perfect. I give thanks for our bad habits, our vices, our emotional days, and everything about ourselves we try to fix.

10) Ferryboats-- my water car.