Excellent MiPOesias Issue - Now Out and Online!

What I like about MiPoesias is that visually, it's pleasing to the eyes. And this issue has poets as you haven't seen them before (sailor suit, boxing gloves). It has the feel of a Vogue layout and I mean that as a compliment.

Unlike when Fence tried to get attention with dare this sexy cover-- this was a great mix of content and photography. I'd love to see other journals follow their lead. Didi Menendez has some fantastic visual (and visionary) style and it shows in the current issue.

I might in another post discuss why I feel MiPOesias did a better job with intrigue than the Fence issue, or how why I see them succeeding in doing a so-called "hot" issue. But for now, I just wanted to let you know, it's out and available ONLINE.


Included in this issue:

Reb Livingston
Lee Herrick
Jenni Russell interviews Billy Collins

From Jenni Russell's interview with Billy Collins:

Do you have a favorite poem in The Trouble with Poetry?

I don’t have a favorite poem of mine in that or any book.
The reader, not the poet, is the one to have “favorites.”
Frankly, I have absolutely no interest in any of my
poems. They’re orphans searching for a reader to adopt
them. Or kick them out into the snow.

Note: I have fast internet service and PDF file took a bit longer to download because of all the fantastic photographs, so don't worry if it doesn't come right up. (And dial up folks, you may want to take a walk around block or make yourself a snack while you wait...)

See the new for yourself--
Visit MiPoesias here
Download the PDF File


  1. MiPO is way cool - thanks for the tip - pdf downloads super fast!


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