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A friend of my mine kindly surprised me with an early Christmas gift-- Duende, poems by Tracy K. Smith. The poems are fantastic. I love this book. I read it on the ferry on the way home and I was so inspired by her writing.
Reading my favorite blogs this morning, I was shocked to see that my friend Debra's terrier was attacked by a pitbull. Charlie's sweet dog Arden was also attacked this week. I am so thankful that both dogs are healing and will be okay, but geez, what is up with all these people with aggressive dogs (and running wild in the world). Sheesh, don't get a dog you can't control.


My manuscript is done. My manuscript is done. My manuscript is done. And I am happy happy happy with it.


As for today, we're decorating our tree and covering our little world in tinsel.


And boo hoo, the Huskies lost the Cougs in the Apple Cup. Because of this, I'll have to tell my favorite WSU joke--

Q: Why did the Pullman police department take the 9-1-1 off of their cars?
A: Cougar football players kept stealing them because they thought they were Porsches.

***Congratulations Wazzu for a game well played, we'll see you again next year...


  1. Congratulations on the manuscript.

    That Husky does look a little bit sad.

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  3. Congratulations on the manuscript! That's terrific news.

    And thanks for the recommendation on Tracy K. Smith's book. I'll add it to my holiday list.

  4. Kelli,
    I am overjoyed to have come across this blog cite for the first time, today. Here, not only do you announce that your manuscript is done (!) but also that the Cougars beat the Huskies. On one hand, the manuscript calls for great celebration!

    On the other, the Huskies call for, er, well ... happy thoughts.

    Wishing you and your poems the best,
    Cheers, Boyd

  5. Thanks everyone! And Boyd, so good to see you here!

    I was just looking over my PLU photos tonight. I'll be emailing you soon.



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