Can't Say Enough About KIVA-- (Or who needs another scented candle this year?)

I was just over at one of my very favorite organizations, KIVA.ORG, and was so glad to see it was mentioned on Oprah, the Today Show, & in President Clinton's new book GIVING.

Since we're getting to that time of year where we randomly spend money trying to fulfill the material needs of others, or at least not come off as a heel at the family gift exchange, I wanted to recommend giving KIVA Gift Certificates for Christmas.

Here's the cool thing about this, you don't just donate in the person's name--something I've done for Christmas gifts, though it does lack the *umph* when giving it sometimes--but the person redeems the gift certificate by going to the website and choosing the person they want to give a loan to. Everyone wins as the person becomes an active part in the giving.

And if the person is a cheap I'd-rather-have-a-real-actual-gift type of guy/girl, they win too, because once the money has been paid back (6-18 months depending on who they choose), they can take the money and buy themselves a nice scarf, soap on a rope, or a half of carton of cigarettes, whatever they like.

Of course, my hope would be that the money would continually be used and reused as loans in the KIVA organization, but at least I'd know the money helped someone before Crazy Uncle Eric smoked it away.


KIVA is also a good way to your kids involved in helping others. Here's the entrepreneur my daughter chose to sponsor this morning.

Anyway, you get the idea. I'll be posting links to some of my other favorite organizations as the Christmas season approaches. I mean, who really needs another candle or tie this year?


  1. I love this idea! I am going to link you in my upcoming "simplify the holidays" post.


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