Friday, September 18, 2009

My Life in a Pie

I've started a Creativity Coaching class taught by a local artist. She gave us a beautiful pad of paper and a black ink pen. Each day we are to draw a contour drawing and write a cinquain. Each Thursday we meet at her studio for two hours to make art.

Yesterday she had us map our lives in a pie chart based on these six things--


My social, intellectual, creativity, and physical were my largest.

My emotional and spiritual were slivers.

For some reason I seem to neglect the emotional and spiritual side of myself. With autumn approaching, I realize I can't do this or I will end up in the seeming never-ending funk when the Northwest skies become a wool blanket of grey that is over us for six months.

If you were to make your life into a pie, what slices would be the smallest? the largest? And would kind of pie would your life be?

* * *

This time of year my life is not a pie, but Apple Brown Betty.

I have yet to make it because the weather has been so incredibly beautiful, but once it cools down and the leaves begin to change, this will be my comfort food- with french vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Somewhere on this blog is my recipes for it, from scratch and the easy version. Both are fantastic.


  1. I love Apple Betty - never heard "Brown" as part of the title, but I'm pretty sure we're talking the same thing. Now I'm going to think about it all weekend.

    The pie things is really scary. Especially because I've used the Manic Time gadget for a few weeks now and as a result I have a pretty good idea what that pie would look like and it isn't a pretty sight.

  2. an interesting idea. i probably don't give myself enough "non-doing something time" or physical working out as I should but I'm working on it. I think instead of pie right now, I'm microwave fudge - way too easy to make so i should try something harder :)

  3. Michael,
    It was that Manic Time that let me know I was spending too much time on Facebook. It was the #1 website I visited. Not good.

    And I reposted the Apple Betty/Apple Brown Betty recipes. You can see if they are the same.

    Not doing anything time is really important. The artist in my creativity class had us go outside for 10 minutes and do nothing, just be. We have to do it 15 a week, which isn't much, yet we all do a good job of forgetting to just be.


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