Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey Sexy Poets - Call for Submissions Wall Calendar...

Call for entries

to the Scars Publications “Sexy Poets” 2010 Wall Calendar
The 2010 Scars Publications Poetry Wall Calendar will include 12 poems from different writers, and 12 images — some of the images will be Scars images (nature images, or images taken from around the world), and some of the photos from poets, either as a portrait or of poets reading poetry.

The premise is that poets would submit photos of themselves (and yes the phrase “Sexy Poets” can be interpreted in any way the poet sees fit, I mean, we don’t have to be models to prove we’re sexy...) along with poetry for consideration for inclusion in the Scars Publications Sexy Poets 2010 Wall Calendar.

So, we wanna try something new, if there is genuine interest in this plan. Here are the details:

Any poet is allowed to submit not only poetry (up to 20 lines max, but 10 lines or fewer is preferred) for consideration for the Scars Publications 2010 Poetry Wall Calendar. But this time, instead of using our own images for the calendar (12 images for the 12 months of the year), we would like Poet photographs, so we can call this “the Scars Publications Sexy Poets 2010 Wall Calendar.”

Go here for full details of how to submit...


My question... Is "sexy poet" an oxymoron? ;-)

Actually, I love it when people get a little playful with poetry. I might have to submit.


"I'm too sexy for this poem, too sexy for this poem, too sexy to roam..."


  1. sexy poet might be an oxymoron but still sounds like a fun project! :)

  2. "Is "sexy poet" an oxymoron?"



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