Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to Check if your SIGG bottle has BPA - (or Boycott SIGG for lying)

I am so annoyed for selling water bottles with BPA in them. A couple years ago I purchased these for my family (and they weren't cheap) so we could avoid toxins and now this. Aimee's blog first alerted me to this issue with SIGG bottles (thanks Aimee) and I am amazed how angry this makes me to learn this news about SIGG.

If you have a SIGG bottle with the copper/metal lining, those are the bad ones.

If you want to write Steve Wasik, the CEO of SIGG directly (he's the guy who screwed up), here's his email:

Read the full article from Treehugger here.


  1. Oh, I hadn't read this. The ultimate reason to hate the Siggs. Wow. I have to pass this forward.

  2. Buy stainless steel.
    down with Sigg

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