Sunday, September 06, 2009

Another Reason to Love Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

This news made me happy today, just thought I'd share--

On the first of this month, gay and lesbian couples across the state of Vermont gained the legal right of marriage. By way of celebration, iconic Vermont ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's has renamed its well-known Chubby Hubby ice cream Hubby Hubby. The peanut butter cookie dough (with fudge and pretzels) ice cream will be served in Ben & Jerry's scoop shops throughout this month, a gesture that sees Ben & Jerry's partner with marriage equality group Freedom to Marry. The two partners are also publicly supporting the first gay and lesbian marriages to happen in the state, and aiming to encourage other US states to follow in the footsteps of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and Maine, down the aisle to marriage equality.

Although Hubby Hubby will only be served in Vermont, Freedom to Marry's website urges citizens to "bring Hubby Hubby to your state", indicating that Ben & Jerry's may have plans to do the same in other states with successful gay marriage campaigns. Meanwhile, Ben & Jerry's is buzzing up the message via its Facebook fan page, and the renamed flavour is a trending topic on Twitter. The branding exercise has even gone so far as to wallpaper Freedom to Marry's website with Ben & Jerry's trademark cartoon clouds.

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  1. I want Chubby Hubby.

    Thanks also for visiting my blog and your comments--I hope if you should continue to read, you get vicious. :)

    As my partner says, I need to be put in my place.

  2. Lori- it is sweet, isn't it?

    Steve- I'm about as vicious as a duckling, but I'll do my best.

    I have been told that I am quite cranky in the morning and I do subscribe to the motto "Bitches get things done" so maybe there's hope for me yet.

    Thanks for your note.


    PS Um, my word verification was "swan" - so far my viciousness isn't going well...

  3. P.S. Why did I say I want Chubby Hubby? I want Hubby Hubby. Is that my internalized homophobia acting out?

  4. i thought this was such a clever idea :)

    i think i have some cookie dough in the fridge to eat in tribute..hmmm

  5. I visited Vermont this weekend. I also went on the Ben and Jerry's factory tour while I was there. Fun!


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