Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Note in a roadside shrine - Union, Washington August 2009


It's confession time, you might have thought I wasn't going to make it tonight. I did. Two hours before midnight (Pacific time.) Did you think I'd miss it? O ye of little faith...

What can I say? It's been a busy day - back to school night...

Confession #1: Sins in the Consignment Store

I confess the easiest way to live simply (and save money) is to not go into any stores.

I realized my daughter didn't have any pant options for school, so we stopped by our local consignment store. We found her two pairs of cute jeans for $5.99 each. (BTW, if your kids aren't crazy about jeans, the best place to get them is at the consignment store because they are already soft!)

After cleaning out room after room this week, I had told myself I needed to be very strict about what I bring into this house.

I said I'd make a list of what I didn't buy this week--

- a purse (I wasn't in love with it despite its low price)

- a wallet (my current wallet really doesn't need to be replaced)

- a vintage dress (decided to wear something I already had)

- extra canned food for our pantry (we need to eat what we have)

- extras for my bike including a bigger bike bag, a foldable mirror, etc. etc (you can always buy something extra for your bike- I decided early on I wasn't going to be bike-gear junkie, but an actual mountain biker, who bikes and doesn't just buy stuff or talk about biking)

I confess I did not resist a pair of red Clarks shoes for $9.99 for myself.

* * *

Confession 2: Not Britney Spears' Toxic

I confess I not only clean out the house every so often, but I also clean out people from my life.

This sounds bad, I know. Kind of mean and uncaring. But it's true.

If someone in my life is toxic to me (emotionally, physically, or spiritually), I remove them from my life. Especially if I think they are bad for my daughter, then they are gone for sure.

I think it's important to surround yourself with good people.

This doesn't mean I don't love them or won't help them, it just means I won't get involved with the drama. I won't get drawn into their poisons.

* * *

Confession 3: Confessions of a Bad Mom

I know moms aren't supposed to say such things, but I'm excited for school to start this year so I can get some writing time to myself. I know we're supposed to say things like, "I love playing Polly Pockets with my child" but honestly, it's been a long wonderful summer of outdoor adventures, but I'm aching to get back to my writing.

Also, since we're in the bad mom sins, I also pay $15 extra to get the "guilt-free" PTA membership, which means I don't have to attend meetings or work at the science fair, bookfair, etc. etc. Someone recently told me that PTA stood for "Pass the Alcohol" and well, I think that's pretty close to the truth.


Dear Reader, forgive me for Clarks, for my selfishness, for my imperfections (I have many). I'm doing my best (most of the time) and am trying to realize it's okay to be "good enough."

Cheers to all the moms and dads who are sending little one into our education system this week. May your school lunches always contain an Mountain Bar and my their backpacks only come home with smiley face stickers...



  1. Oh, I couldn't wait for school to start his year! I've always admitted it too. I know my girl is also deliriously happy to be away from me, to be with kids her age.
    But she criticized me yesterday that I didn't write "I love you" on her lunch. It was my first packed lunch for her and I screwed up. The teacher confiscated the grapes and my baby didn't know she was loved.

  2. A pair of Clarks for $9.99 is a deal not to be passed up--you'd only need to confess if you hadn't bought them!

  3. Lori,

    Thanks for the note!

    Ah, the forgotten "I love you" on the lunchbag.(very poetic) It's so hard being a mom, we need to remember everything!

    I've never heard of a teacher taking grapes from a lunch. (I'm deciding if it's because they are chokeable or could be used as a weapon). ;-)

    Appreciate your comment! Thx!

    Kristin - You know, you are so right!


  4. i felt like my husband and i were just spending money left and right this weekend with house stuff but now i feel i can congratulate myself on the stuff i didn't buy

    1 - a cute bag that i didn't need
    2 - a clearance shirt in a color i probably wouldn't have worn, but it was only $5.99 (ok still tempted to go back and see if that is still there)
    3 - no desserts
    4 - or soda :)

  5. I get the kids jeans from second-hand stores because they go through them so quickly. It's like the knees are made to wear thin so you have to replace them immediately.

    And I have had the same feeling about the start of school--more time to write (more time for ME!).

    Thanks for making me LOL.


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