Crab Creek Review Poetry Winners!

From our Crab Creek Review blog--

This is from our 2009 Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest judged by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. All of these poems will appear in Issue 1 of 2010--they were all just too good not to publish, so congratulations winners and finalists!

And The Winners Are... (2009 Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest)

Our Poetry Editor, Lana Hechtman Ayers, wrote such a wonderful announcement letter to all of the poets who submitted work for our annual Poetry Contest, we are going to post it here verbatim:

All of us at Crab Creek Review sincerely thank you for entering our 2009 poetry contest. The hundreds of wonderful poems we received made it an enjoyable yet challenging process to judge. Aimee Nezhukumatathil has selected the following poems:

"bring back the knife" by Victor David Sandiego

“My Eyebrows” by Molly Tenenbaum

Honorable Mentions
"The Cure For Headaches" by Kate Lebo
"The Aprons of Adam and Eve" by Molly Tenenbaum

"And What If Bookmarks Are Claustrophobic" by Josh Cooper
"Fitness For Duty" by Rachel Contreni Flynn
"That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do" by Rachel Contreni Flynn
"Dear Reader" by Deborah Hauser
"Not Sorry" by Kate Lebo
"Greed" by Cati Porter

We are grateful for your confidence in Crab Creek Review and hope you will allow us to consider more of your work in the future.

Wishing you all the best in your poetry endeavors,

The Editors


  1. i love when i recognize a name!
    i read cati's blog :)

    congrats to all the winners!


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