Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self Portrait in Window

I've been here 3 days. I decided last night that for mss #3 I am
going to start fresh. New work. New poems.

It's a good place to be. Starting over. I'm happy about this.

This is my workspace here and my electric blanket over the chair.
We've had beautiful weather but cold. I prefer cold to wet so I'm not
complaining here

If I stand so slightly in certain parts of the cottage, I get 3 bars
on my phone. And this morning I did. So here is a quick check in.
I more thorough account of my experience here when I return. For now,
stay warm and write lots. It's my motto.


  1. With three bars, who could complain! :)

  2. That does read kind of funny if you're thinking taverns. ;-)

  3. that looks cozy :)
    a fresh start sounds wonderful!

  4. Looks cozy and inspiring. Yea you for nurturing your spirit.


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