Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Friday and I'm in Love

So a friend of mine bought a guinea pig from our local pet store and it seems the guinea pig she purchased was knocked up. Oops. Yes, a pregnant pig. It had two cute babies.

We already had a plus-sized gal guinea pig already, Chica. But now we have a second, a new baby guinea pig named Sylvia Plath.

What I love about Sylvia is when my daughter tells someone the name, she said, "It's named after a famous poet." I love that she knows this as I didn't discover Sylvia until I was much older.

So again, the Agodon zoo has become a little larger. Seriously, I just need to be stopped when it comes to strays and rescues.



  1. Kelli:

    A number of years back we had several guinea pig. I loved them as pets and I have often wished we had them again; however I would not dare bring another animal into our home.

    My favorites were the long haired ones. They were such a delight to watch. Plus, they did not bark ad-nauseam, terrorize the cats, or stalk the dogs.

    Maybe you can post a picture of Sylvia sometime.

  2. with 3 cats, i think they would just look at a guinea pig as dinner :)

    but i love the name.

  3. Michael, I'll try to post a photo. I had no idea guinea pigs were so much fun.

    Jessy-- my cats have no idea they are cats or that she should have any sort of hunting instinct. My dog feels the same way. I'm not sure why, but they all live together happily.

  4. I'm sure our rescue dog MO - who is some kind of pointer mix would superimpose rabbit ears on them. He's super found of the neighborhood rabbits and not at all gentle with them.


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