Monday, September 14, 2009

Gratitude Journal

1. The Seattle Public Library's Audio Book System (where I can check audio books out online!)

2. Time to write

3. Coffee in the morning

4. Total raisin bran

5. The portable heatpad for my lower back

6. Autumn

7. Family & Friends & my golden retriever

8. Cats

9. Finished projects

10. Violins


  1. This is vry close to my list except I don't have a golden retriever. I want one though. That counts.

    As always, I find so much here to lift me up even when I feel like crap. I wish I'd seen that women artist's with children when my son was small. what a difference that would hve made.

    thanks, k

  2. Thanks, R!

    I'm glad this blog makes you feel good.

    I cannot wait to see that film. I struggle the balance-thang and the mom-thang more than I'd like to admit. I am constantly learning how to do things better both as an artist and a mother each day.

    Thank you dearly for your note. It made my day better.

  3. i very much like your list, especially cats and autumn :)


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