Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Confession Wednesday (??)

****What was in the HONOR BAR next to the beef jerky, gummy bears, and M&Ms in the cottage we stayed in at the ALDERBROOK RESORT (I believe it was $14.95)

I confess I'm a day late to confess. I was out of the country, a day trip to Victoria, BC. O Canada.

I confess the Canadians in Victoria are ridiculously nice and especially the volunteers and employees at their Natural History Museum which is fantastic. We spent 4 hours there going through the TREASURES exhibit and admiring a woolly mammoth, or as we began to call him, the holy mammoth, the holy moly mammoth.

I confess I wrote down ideas for titles in the museum. Museums are the best places to find titles.

I confess I then lost my new favorite orange notebook, but because of the kind Canadians, it was returned to lost and found within an hour of losing it. O Canada, thank you!

I confess I used to keep a "Title Box," a box where I would write down titles on index cards to be used later. For some reason I don't do this anymore, I think I will start doing this again.

I confess "Intimacy Kit" would be a great title for a poem.

I confess we visited the Royal London Wax Museum and went through the hall of horrors, which was not as scary as the life sized wax figure of GW Bush & his father. I confess the Olympic runner in wax had the most frightening hairstyle and facial expression. While I realize they were trying to capture his inspirational moment, I'm still not sure what they were going for with him. He was in the "feel good" section, right after Martin Luther King Jr & Bobby & John F. Kennedy.

I confess I would not want to see what I looked like as a wax figure; they made Shakespeare quite bald and Mark Twain looked from the side as if he was doing his own comedy routine. Einstein though, had beautiful blue eyes.



  1. Titles list... what a great idea. Once and a blue moon I've left a voice memo on my phone when I'm doing something like driving down the road and something comes to me, but that never seems to work well for going back to when you need to. I think I'll start putting them in my journal like I do with word lists now.

    You always have great ideas.

  2. I confess that if you're a day behind in confessing, then I'm a day behind in responding.

    "Intimacy Kit" is a terrific title for a poem.

    And I'm envious that you can take a day trip out of the country. I think I'm six hours away from the Canadian border.

  3. i keep a quote list, collection of quotes, and a list of lines i like that have never found their way into poems - but maybe that line list should really be a title list since i stink so much at coming up with titles!



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