Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Confession Tuesday

It's been another wild week, I'm not sure where to begin so let me just jump in.

I confess that while I feel terrible about the effects of global warming, there is a part of me that is thrilled what it is doing to our weather here in the Northwest.

I confess there is a My Little Pony hanging with a noose around its neck from our laundry room door. This is not because we are mean people, but because we were trying to amuse our cats.

I confess I mountain biked 15 miles yesterday, and I confess this is more of a brag than a confession.

My mountain bike partner has a bear bell on her bike and if I get too far ahead (or too far behind), I get nervous when I can't hear it. I have no sense of direction and feel completely lost on the trails. The only way we return from our adventure is through her ability to navigate through evergreens.

I confess we have never seen a bear while riding, but we have seen lots of bear poop, an owl, and some deer.

I confess I tried twice to get the above photo uploaded correctly and I couldn't do it.

I confess I read the sign a few ways--

Never Grow Old,

Never Grow, Old God
Never, Grow Old God
Never Grow "Old God"

It's amazing what punctuation can do. Or line breaks. My favorite reading is

Dear Friend,

Never Grow Old.

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