Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Because you asked...

My $9.99 Clarks from the consignment shop.



  1. Oh, no, who could have resisted those? They're beautiful. Good find.

  2. I like the way the shoe folds in the front.

  3. adorable shoes! it would have taken more willpower than I have to resist Clarks for $10!? Clarks are my go-to comfy shoe and I love this kicky color! So cute for fall and jeans and corduroy. a wise purchase indeed. :)

  4. Thanks all! They kind of remind me of clown shoes (think Ronald McDonald), but that weirdness makes me love them even more.

    They are definitely kicky! And so incredibly comfy. I'm glad to hear they have Clarks in other places, they seem very NW to me. (Think outdoorsy people in sensible shoes.)

  5. Mercy, had never heard of Clarks. Are they something akin to Crocs? I found my daughter a pair of Keen's for that price at Value Village, but we lost them a week later. Hold onto those shoes, Kel! They are great!


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