Time Waster Alert - Old Photos of Poets

If you like looking at author photos of poets as I do, we've hit the motherload here.

I found this is in the Seattle PI with a link to the American Poetry Review website and directory of poets with the old photo used in APR when the poets had a poem published there.

To look back at photos of poets throughout the years from APR, go here.

Here are a few of my favs--

Dorianne Laux:

Adrienne Rich:

Peggy Shumaker:

Jane Hirshfield:

All so beautiful and still so beautiful...



  1. The wildest thing? Jane still looks exactly like that!

  2. Thanks for posting the link to the archive. I went there poked around a little. A couple of my favorites (not young images, in this case, but great ones) are Eugene Guillevic, Robinson Jeffers, and William Everson.

  3. Oh, Adrienne Rich looks so sweetly young I can hardly stand it! Wonderful.

  4. I'll take Jane Hirshfield's hair! Wow

  5. Lyle-- it seems a couple poets used props! (love the Jeffers photo though!)

    C. Dale-- I know, Jane looks the same. I love that portrait of her.


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