September New Year

I've been thinking about this next year (um, my years tend to begin in September not January) and things I want to add into my routine and things I want to take out.

Here's my list--


- More writing time in my shed (still without a proper name)

- Yoga (I've been doing yoga for 9 years now, but this last year left a lot to be desired in regards to my yoga practice)

- More considerate decision making (meaning - not just to say yes without considering how it will affect my time or me emotionally - be the crystallized ginger)

- More work done in less time.

- 2 side projects  (which I'll be sharing more about at later date).

- To do more with my Book Harvest Blog. (Many of you may not even know I have this blog, but I do.)

I read a TON of books and I'd like to document them and share good books with others.  It's a way I can give back to the literary community.  So, this year I hope to offer more reviews and suggestions for the reading audience.


-  Social time wasters:  Anything that requires me to talk about the weather or make small talk.  I want to talk about things that matter, not how goofy our weather system is.

-  Wasteful time users - Internet. Email. MSN. Spinning of wheels (not literally, I'll still be mountain biking).

-  Saying yes to something my heart is not into.

-  Sweets.  Not completely as I do have a sweet tooth, but not in place in meals and not so many.



  1. Saying yes to something my heart is not into is a big one for me. Sometimes I let myself get talked into things I don't want to do. Ugh.

    Great list.

  2. Glad to see that I am not the only grown-up who feels that my year starts in September ;)

  3. So glad to learn of the Book Harvest Blog! I am happy that pears are sweets!


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