Emily & Karl - Separated at Birth

Designer Karl Lagerfeld & Poet Emily Dickinson


  1. This made me also laugh. Love the juxtaposition.

  2. Oh, why be so mean to Emily? (I'll let you off this time. As it's Friday.)

  3. Somehow, I'm not seeing it.

    The photo of Karl Lagerfeld makes me think a little of an aging Leonard Nimoy or Peter Graves (plus the sunglasses).

    And for some reason, when I look at this photo of Emily Dickinson just now, I think of Justin Bieber. (Beats the heck out of me.)

    Or, maybe, Alfalfa from the Little Rascals?

    Word Verification is "panesin," which sounds like one of those prescription drugs they advertise on T.V., where the list of possible side effects sounds worse than whatever medical problem you would be taking the drug for.

  4. It's the mouths I think. Love it.


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