Something I've Said-- Writing Prompt for the Weekend

The Over-Achiever Muse--

Writing Exercise #2--
1. Make a list of twenty words
2. Add a place, a proper noun, the name of person, a planet and a color
Now look at your words and pair them up by sound the best you can (use half/slant rhyme, for example: greed could go near underneath, and futility could go with vanilla pie)
Being writing in the form of a poem (use line and stanza breaks, not just a "free write") and picking up your words in order so the words that sound similar are near each other in the poem. Try to use as many sets of words as possible and feel free to bring in new words with similar sounds to complete your poem.
Revise, revise, revise.



  1. love that exercise! looking for a good one for a workshop I am teaching in November :)


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