Sharing Time...

So there are a couple things I wanted to share with you today--

Today I was listening to NPR & the next thing I know is that Elizabeth Austen is introducing a poem by Susan Rich (Mohamud at the Mosque).

You can listen to it here.
Or read it here.

Speaking of Susan, her dear cat Otis passed away several days ago.  If you know her or are an animal lover, she is asking that instead of cards, for others to make a donation to Friends of the Animals Foundation, an all volunteer non-profit organization dedication to rescuing cats and finding them homes.  This is the organization through which she adopted Otis over a decade ago.

Even the smallest donation helps organizations like this, so please never think what you have to share is too little.


For those of you in the Northwest area, here's an interesting even that mixes art with nature and poetry--

Environmental Art Exhibition and Event
Exploring our relationship with Nature

It's on September 11th, 2010.  And at 3 pm, wonderful poet Nancy Pagh (author of No Sweeter Fat) will be reading.

So if you're looking for something inspiring to do, you might want to consider this day-long event on Camano Island, WA that starts at noon. Visit this link to find out directions and the details on what's going on.


For the Writers--

I just learned poet Anjie Kokan has a new blog with Creative Writing Prompts.
You can visit that here!

Haibun anyone?

Haibun (俳文 haikai writings) is a literary composition that combines prose and haiku. The range of haibun is broad and includes, but is not limited to, the following forms of prose: autobiography, biography, diary, essay, historiography, prose poem, short story and travel literature.

For anyone interested in learning more about haibun, you can go to Cindy Bell's website as she's giving away a free 8 week course to one lucky writer.  I believe this is normally a $250 course.  You can go here for all the details.  Leave her a comment by September 15th to be entered.