Request - Creating the Environment to Write... Part 4

(Belle in my home-office writing space)

Here's the second-to-the-last part of the Writing Environment Questions--

I'm looking for the kinds of environments or tricks that you've found work best to write.  Oh... and pen and paper vs computer. 

***Sometimes I write with pen & paper, but I find I'm more critical of what I write that way and rarely move it onto my computer's word documents.  While this might seem smart as it allows me to be more picky about what poems I want to work on, it actually limits me.

I say this because many of my worst, horrible first draft poems have been revised into something stronger and publishable.  

Because I revise on my laptop, if I don't transcribe my poem to the computer, it will never be revised or go any further than my notebook.

So this is a long way of saying that I prefer to start poems on my laptop as much as possible. I put them into a file marked "New Work" and bring them up to revise at a later date.