Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Confession Tuesday on Wednesday...

Dear Readers, forgive me for not knowing what day of the week it is.  Summer wipes the calendar down and I am left with sunrises, sunsets, and a lack of dates or weekdays.

Since I'm late, let's just begin--

I confess I overscheduled August.  And this over-scheduling makes me yearn for September when there is less going on.

I confess I don't like wishing away 2 weeks so I can have a less scheduled calendar.

I confess I've been so busy I have no idea what's going on in the news and well, I think I'm happier that way.  (I am also messier that way.)

I confess I wrote more for my blog this summer than I thought I would.  Blame (or thank) foggy mornings.

I confess I have not seen Eat, Pray, Love - but want to, despite my dislike of Julia Roberts.

I confess after a fantastic clean/organized house for my relatives, my home is trashed after a slumber party of six 10-year old girls (I think I am trashed after this too! )

I confess a part of me knows I need to clean up & organize to get ready to write in September.  Oliver told me he does this too.  This makes me feel more normal.

I confess I'm on the last details of my book- today I proof my cover and well, it's done! It will be going off to the printer soon.

Thanks for listening.


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