Monday, August 02, 2010

Beautiful Winners! of the Breyer's Ice Cream Giveaway!

I realize I'm a day late in choosing this as who knew yesterday was August (August!) 1st!

I went to Random Number Chooser to choose.  I pressed the button 5 times and these are the numbers that came out in this order (so yes, these are the winners of a yummy box of Breyers Ice Cream treats! Congrats!!)

#4 - Nancy
#12 - Maya
#6  - Martha
#14 - skkorman
#1 - Leslie (who asked on her post if she received extra points for being first...I guess winning is an extra point!)

Winners - please email me your addy if you see this (kelli (a) agodon. com) or if you left your email, just watch for my congrats note!

Yesterday I ate four (4!) of these.  Yes, that's almost a box.  But since they are only 130 calories, I didn't feel too bad-- though I realize they lose their low-cal appeal if you eat 4 of them.  But geez, they are good!

Congrats to all of the beautiful winners!

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