Women Writers-- Last Day for Poets on the Coast Retreat in Oregon at Discounted Rate

We're filling the final places for this retreat (thank you to the women who have signed up and written us over the last 2 days!) and there was a question I wanted to answer--

If I want to sign up, but am not paying by PayPal, can I email you the registration form for Poets on the Coast then mail the check today on May 31?

Answer:  Yes.  That is absolutely fine.  Just email us the registration form so we can hold your place and mail the check today.  As long as it's postmarked May 31, you are welcome to the discounted price.  


Susan and I met yesterday and some of the topics poets want discussed are putting together a chapbook and questions on publication, so those will be two things we will definitely be discussing.

Plus, yoga in the morning if you choose, chocolate, beach and writing time, dinner together in one of the most incredible hotels around - the Sylvia Beach Hotel.

All information and registration for Poets on the Coast can be found here.

Hope to see you there!